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The professional booking system

Online payment

Product catalog


Easy to set up and customize for your business.

The booking calendar provides a complete overview of all agreements.

Automatically reminds you by SMS/Email your clients/customers about their appointments.

The cash register keeps track of all invoices.

The performance and product catalog in close cooperation with the cash register will always ensure updated inventory and status lists.

Receive online payment directly in the system.

With the free app. For Android and i-OS, credit card payments can be received wirelessly directly on your smartphone, without monthly fees or bindings.

Synchronizes with both google and outlook online calendars.

Ahmio is a flexible online calendar booking and appointment system for alternative therapists, psychotherapists, coaches, massagers, nail clinics, hairdressers, clinicians and other therapists and therapists.

Can also use for example driving schools, automotive mechanics, tire companies, meeting rooms, leisure houses, banqueting rooms, laundry hours, trainers, homeparty booking and much more.

Ahmio online booking keeps track of all appointments, meetings, services, products, online payments, customer / client billing invoices and much more gives you an easier and easier everyday life, and your customers / clients easier to order for your services.

Ahmio includes:

  • Online booking calendar that provides a complete overview of all your appointments.

  • Calendar can be synchronized with other online calendars.

  • Receive online prepay for entire processing or deposit already at customer's order.

  • Receive credit card payments wirelessly on your smartphone or tablet (there is no startup fee, monthly fee or binding).

  • Own domain name for your website.

  • Own website, design, write and maintain your website, insert text, images and video for your marketing, renew and edit exactly when you want it's, so easy that everyone can.

  • Clients/customer database, easy overview of all your clients/customers and their bookings.

  • Automatic sending of SMS/E-mail reminder to your clients/customers.

  • Built-in cash register with direct connection to performance and product inventory, load with barcode or search, print invoice or send it directly to the customer by mail.

  • Status lists of product inventories are always updated and can always be printed.

Free startup & support, you pay nothing for startup, and you always have free and free support, also in the free trial.
There is no binding, terminating your subscription, you pay only until the end of the period you have paid for, ie maximum to the end of the month.



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