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    Since 1999, we have, in close cooperation with our users, designed professional user-friendly software, for small and large companies in all industries, adapted to exactly the needs.

    It has never been easier to keep track of business interests wherever you are in the world.

    Always be updated with the overall overview in one hand.

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    The systems are built up in modules that can be adapted to each individual's individual needs.

    Only assigned modules become visible to the employee, making everything more manageable and secure.

    Pay only for the modules that are activated.


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    Booking system with total overview, advice and online payment

    Booking system with total overview, advice and online payment

    Our systems are designed to be used on all modern platforms,

    PC - Mac - Tablet - iPad - Smartphone and iPhone.

    We provide a free trial of 14 days where you can work in all modules before you decide.

    Here is no start-up fee or binding period and our support is free also during the trial period.

    You can have everything in one hand, the safe way to total freedom with full view.

    Welcome to Time@web

    Ahmio and Time@web are brand new systems programmed to the latest standards and comply with the GDPR data protection regulation.

    Create overview &
      freedom for only
    € 27,40
    per. month.

    Create overview &
      freedom for only
    € 23,35
    per. month.