Time management


Visualize all tasks

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Reports directly in the calendar

The calendar gives the whole company the full overview.

Complete system, keeps track of all employees' tasks.

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Schedules are complied best with good planning

With good planning, even tight schedules can be adhered to, even when creating orders, tasks can be planned, assigned and created in the proper calendar of qualified personnel.

The management and employees all have a complete overview of their future and already completed tasks.

All employees can always see what they are booked for in the future.

All tasks and services new and old can quickly be found.

All services can be entered directly into the calendar, which automatically creates a timesheet.

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In any company, it not only saves time, it also creates a good publicity among customers, that agreements, times and completion of tasks are respected at the agreed time.

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Enter the time directly in the calendar, personal timesheet is automatically created.

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Receive tasks in the calendar.

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Driving and add-ons are highlighted in the calendar so it's easy to find.

Full overview of future planned and previously completed tasks.

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Booking of the whole groups

When creating groups it is easy to assign all employees in the group the same task, all will be able to see the booking in their personal calendar.

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Retrieve previously performed tasks

Regardless of where in the world you are, it is always possible, simply and quickly, to retrieve all previously registered tasks, just as the services of driving, supplements and absence will be easy to find.

See also our detailed planner where all types of absence can be created and registered.



Lap & desktop


In a matter of seconds it is possible to get the full overview of all the consumed times and orders in the company.

For example, spent time report on a single or multiple orders, time sheet prints (easily readable, rather than handwritten), export files in Excel format and more.

Set the system to your needs

It is possible to set the system so that it fits exactly to the individual employee's needs, all can get their own calendar where times can be entered directly and driving and supplements can be entered and read out.

End registeringsperiode

It is important that you can lock timesheets in completed weeks.In time tracking, you can quickly mark a day, or a period as completed.

Once this is done, you can no longer record time on this day / period, but you can still find it in the system.

Minimize errors

With the scheduling calendar, the efficiency and security of all employees increases exactly what tasks they are booked for, which can be notified via internal message, SMS and E-mail.