Better overview

Order management

Generate reports

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Create groups

Keep track of all materials used on your orders.

Never forget to add materials and fill in quality assurance on an order.

Get a comprehensive overview of time, material consumption and price across employees, simple and better overview of all orders.

Open order alarm so they can never be forgotten.

Plan execution of tasks in the employee's calendar already by order creation, employees can be notified via SMS or mail.

Orders can be assigned to individual employees or groups.

Divide your order into categories by color.

Create offers and convert directly to orders, ensuring that the economic overview is always up to date.

Create projects for specific tasks.

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End of services and materials that are not billed

It is extremely important that all services, materials and products can easily be registered on an order, by reporting at the end of the day or the case, the chance of oversight is minimized.

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Register time.

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Driving in company or private car.


Products can be loaded in order, via bar codes, keywords or typing.

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Insert picture on orders.

Insert documents.

Receive signature on the touch screen directly on the order or agreement.

Invite employee to order.

QA - quality assurance.

Set the alarm or give reminder message to employees and customers.


The complete financial overview is created on all cases when loading services from the supplier or own catalogs of goods.Thus, you are ready to create and send an invoice directly from Time @ web both as EAN and PDF.


Never forget an open order

A created order will never be forgotten, the alarm system will monitor all orders and alerts, if no services are provided, or is completed within the time period specified for passive orders.

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Better overview, simply

Orders can be assigned to individual employees or groups, this is made visible on the order and in the personal calendar, it is also made visible when the case starts and which employees participate in the task, everything is in one place.

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Calculate and send offers to your customer

Offers can be created and sent directly to your customer, by acceptance the offer can be converted into an open work order, the offer price can be transferred to the order form so that the overview of the economy is always visible.

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Invoices immediately and improve your finances

When an order is completed, it can be invoiced directly from Time @ web via smartphone, tablet or PC, trusted employees can be assigned rights to the invoice module, so cases can be terminated as soon as they are completed, for cash payment, credit card payment system can be installed on both I - phone , smartphone and tablets.

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Create projects for specific tasks.

Planning elongated tasks provides a good overview for both management and employees, planning is done in schedule schedules and staff calendar so that everyone can follow all tasks in each project.

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Lap & desktop


It is possible in a few seconds to get the full overview of all orders and sent invoices in your company.

For example, spent time report and materials on a single or multiple orders, print out time sheets and order reports (easily readable, rather than handwritten) and much more.

End registeringsperiode

It is important that you can register an order completed.

With material management, users can register themselves when they have finished registering their material consumption.

In this way, it is easy to see which orders are ready for billing and which are not.

When the order is finally closed, you can no longer add services or materials to it, but you can still find it in the system.

Set the system to your needs

It is possible to set the system to fit exactly to your needs and the individual employee's needs.

Groups can be created and assign each group specific orders.Private and group messages can be sent.

Minimize errors

With material control, the risk of errors on the material slips is minimized.

All that is on the banknote is easily readable and the chance of having the customer billed on the basis of incomplete data is largely eliminated.