Time management for all tasks

Daily hours reports increase the overview

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Calculate easy pay

Complete unique user-friendly system keeps track of all types of time registration.

Timesheet is filled in automatically by entering in calendar or on an order.

All supplements and driving in one place.

Services and supplements are created with names that exactly match the company.

Total overview with live overview of orders and hourly reports.

Simple and secure time registration with QR code.

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Never forget a deal

With the alert module connected it is impossible to forget about agreements that can be sent e-mail and SMS messages directly from the system, to both employees and customers.



For task planning and staffing plans, messages can be sent to the booked food workers via e-mail and SMS.

Internal messages can be sent directly to employees.

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If the need for paper sizes is present, there is of course the possibility of printing.

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Import and export

It is possible to import and export in and out of the system.

The complete customer directory

No matter where you are, information on customers and contacts can be found in the customer directory, simply and quickly.

Comp. time

Clear, precise estimates of when employees earn and hold time off.

More companies or departments

With just one login, you can log into several departments or own companies.

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Individual customization for employees

With the allocation of modules to each employee, the system is precisely adapted to the needs of each employee, which provides a very good transparency for the employee who can only see the modules to be used and at the same time a great assurance that only the right modules can be reported.


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Udklip timeregistrering.PNG

Lap & desktop


In a matter of seconds, the full overview of all consumed hours in the company is created.

As an example, mention may be made of spent time report on a single or multiple orders.

Timesheets can be printed and exported in Excel format (easily readable, rather than handwritten).

End registeringsperiode

It is important to see completed weeks. In time tracking, you can quickly mark a day, or a period as completed.

Once this is done, you can no longer record time on this day / period, but you can still find it in the system.

Minimize errors

With time registration, the risk of errors in the time sheets is minimized.

All that is on the banknote is easily readable and the chance of getting paid wages with incomplete data is largely eliminated.

Set the system to your needs

Time@web is modular so it is possible to set the system to fit exactly to your needs, and the individual employee's needs, groups can be created and assign each group specific orders / tasks.

Messages can be sent directly to the individual, groups or collectively to everyone.