All data always available

Operations journal

Easy to see log

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Everyone can easily register

Operation journal is documented electronically and can always be found

Operation records can be used for any purpose

Design your own business journal schedules to suit your business and purpose.

Print QR codes for all operating records

QR codes ensure that it is always the correct journal being opened

Operation record that never disappears and can be read remotely

Journals can be established without and with login

All journal are logged

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Drift journal.

Operation logs can be used in virtually all industries where requirements for control of operation and safety functions are set.

For example, industries such as cooling technology - cleaning - fire alarm - sprinkler systems - machines etc.

Easy login.

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For all created operations records can be created and printed a QR code, which makes it easy and quick to log in and ensure that it is always the right log filled.

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Overview of registrations and controls.

The detailed log is always up-to-date and quick to find all recorded events, everything stands in the system ready for control, you can have everything at your fingertips in your smartphone - tablet and PC wherever you are.


Long distance control.

It is possible to create and deliver a control access so that long distance control can be performed.



Operational records can be designed and adapted to all industries and needs.

Follow all events on the plant and processes in the log.

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Offer that you can provide electronic operating journal

It is possible for you to give your customers access to operating journals, you can create and give access both with or without a password, with a password will be logged for login.

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Lap & desktop


It is always possible in a few seconds to get the full overview of all registrations.

For example, publications can be mentioned for service or inspection visits, which are recorded with date and signature.

Everything easily readable, rather than handwritten.

Registration login

Operation records can be created with login code, thereby ensuring that login ID is filled in automatically and that only authorized persons have access that can be acknowledged with signature on touch screen.

Can also be created without login code so everyone log in, register and sign directly on the touch screen.

Set the system to your needs

With Time@web it is possible to set the system to fit exactly to your needs and the individual employee's needs, groups can be created and assign each group specific tasks and sent messages.

Minimize errors

With Time@web operation journal the risk of errors on the registrations is minimized. All that is in the log is easily readable, and the chance of having lost registrations eliminated, service and control visits takes less time and requires fewer resources, control people can get a remote logging, and need to prepare for them before arriving at company to go through the registrations. Everything is governed by you!