Fast billing


Ensure liquidity

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Transfer to finance

Finish the order, then, and send the invoice before the customer leaves.

Send EAN and PDF invoice directly from your Smartphone - Tablet or PC.

Bilag i form af QA, billeder eller dokumenter kan vedhæftes og medsendes med faktura.

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Fast billing

Avoid mistakes and forget nothing, register all services, products and documentation, in the form of pictures and files directly on the order.

Review everything with the customer and get his/her acceptance signature on your touch screen directly onto the order.

Finish the order, create the invoice and send it as E-mail and EAN, directly from your smartphone or tablet.

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Entrusted staff can bill

Attachments in the form of QA, pictures or documents can be attached and sent with invoice.

Avoid loss and discussion, receive card payment for the service directly on your smartphone.

Narratives can always follow and read.

Trusted employees can be allowed to complete the order and send an invoice, or it can of course be done from the office as soon as the order is signed.


There is always a full overview of all sent invoices, credit notes, all amounts outstanding and paid invoices everything can be easily and quickly found there and possibly resent.

Integration with financial systems

The invoice module is totally separate from the company's other financial systems, but all invoices written and sent from the system can be automatically transferred to the company's existing financial system.

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Lap & desktop


Invoices can be sent directly from the system in EAN and E-mail format.

In a matter of seconds, the full overview of all invoices in the company is created.

Invoices can be printed and exported in PDF format.

Recover all records

It is important to see completed cases.

In the billing module, you can quickly mark and find a day, or a period, either for a customer or for all invoices.

Minimize errors

Let trusted employees quit orders, create and send the invoice to the customer before leaving.

Also receive international payment cards directly on the smartphone so the payment is also in place.

Set the system to your needs

Time@web is modular so it is possible to set the system to fit exactly to your needs, and the individual employee's needs, groups can be created and assign each group specific orders / tasks.

Messages can be sent directly to the individual, groups or collectively to everyone.