Projects & holidays on time


Simple planning - great overview

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The planner makes it easy and easy to manage all the company's projects and absence.

All absences are made visible in the easy-to-understand planner schedule

Complete overview

Planner makes it easy and straightforward to manage all the company's absence and thus ensure that the employees are available at the projects, everything becomes visible one and the same place, the overview is completed for everyone, and thus also easier for employees to plan their holidays after their and the company's needs.

All absence types can be created as needed, there is no limitation.

The scheduler keeps track of the holidays and remaining days

Misunderstandings are eliminated, acknowledging both approved and rejected applications

Ensure that the tasks can be planned even during busy periods

All employees can follow their own absence and do not need to interfere with the office for updates

The application office is open 24-7-365


Approval of applications

Absence can be set up so that an application must be made for absence, the person responsible for absence must approve or reject the application, the applicant receives a direct message, (approved or rejected) who keeps track of the consumption, and everything can be followed in the overview calendar and time sheets.

Absence calendar

  • Always proof that absence has been sought.

  • Always evidence that the absence has been approved or rejected.

  • A clear calendar showing an overview of the employees' absence.

  • Possibility to keep track of illness, holiday, holiday holidays, self-paid free, SH days, maternity, course, school etc.

  • If the absence calendar is used with time registration, time is automatically recorded.

  • If the absence calendar is used with the calendar, the absence is also booked in the calendar.

  • Timesheets are filled out automatically when an absence is approved.



Lap & desktop


In a matter of seconds, it is possible to get the full overview of all consumed absences in the company.

An example is a report of spent holiday or illness on a specific period, export files in PDF or Excel format and more.

Set the system to your needs

It is possible to set the system so that it fits exactly to the individual employee's needs, all can get their own calendar where the absence assigned to the employee can be viewed and searched.


All employees can even follow their absence, no one needs to call the company anymore to get information about the rest holiday.

There are always updated lists of all absences likewise you can always keep up to date on how much holiday that has not been held during the holiday year.

Minimize errors

By always having an overall overview of all employees' absence minimizes errors in the daily operation's planning and distribution of tasks.

All employees know exactly when their holiday is booked and cannot search more than is available, keeping track of all absence.