Product management

Quick overview

Updated product catalogs

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Everyone can find prices

Keep track of all products used in the company.

Create and maintain your own product catalogs.

Import product logos from your suppliers.

Connect to an existing product directory.

Assign suppliers or products your profit or discount percentage.

All products can be assigned to your single keywords so it is easier to remember product names or numbers and customize the company's everyday life.

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Create your own product catalogs

Manage your own product catalogs with prices, profit and discount percentages.

All products can be created with barcode, item number, texts and keywords, which facilitates searching and loading on orders.

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Connect to existing product directory

In Time@web, there are product directories from several suppliers that can be connected to your company, Time@web regularly updates these directories with products and net prices.


Import your own product directory

The import function makes it easy to keep product catalogs up to date with new products and prices.


Search product catalog

With text or numbers it is possible to search for products in your catalogs.

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Create offers with prices from your catalogs

Create quotation and submit price, quotation can be converted directly into production order.

Search and find prices in product catalogs place them directly on an offer and redirect offers directly to an order.

Transfer products directly to order form.

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Lap & desktop


It is possible in a few seconds to get the full overview of all your suppliers and their products in your company.

Do not spend time searching for phone numbers or addresses that vendors can create with this information.

End registration period

It is important that you can register an order completed with the right products and prices.

With product logos connected to material management, users can register themselves when they have completed a task without having to deal with prices that are automatically put on.

In this way, it is easy to see if the order is ready for billing.

Set the system to your needs

It is possible to set the system to fit exactly to your needs and the individual employee's needs.

Groups can be created and assign each group specific orders.

Private and group messages can be sent.

Minimize errors

Updated product catalogs minimize the risk of errors on the material slips.

All that is on the banknote is easily readable, and the chance of having the customer billed on the basis of incomplete data is largely eliminated.