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QA - Quality control

Easy printout of checklists

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Clarity for everyone

Design yourself quality assurance schedules to suit the company's industry and purpose.

Quality management minimizes the risk of errors on all tasks performed.

In a matter of seconds, the full overview of all registrations is ensured.

Assign the QA schema to be completed on a task already at the creation of the task.

Create control sheets for a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly check or service report.

All QA reports have their own unique ID number.

QA schedules can be accessed from all over

the world.

For control, access can be granted with read right.

Never overlook a critical situation, seen alarms for irregularities.

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Quality management for business and legislation.

Quality control is essential to ensure that the products and services provided to customers meet the requirements of a company and your customers or legislation expect or require.

Here we gather the entire quality control in one place, which is always available.


Quality management for exactly your needs.

Complete quality control system to suit your exact needs.

Control sheets can be designed and adapted to meet everyone's requirements, from both you, your customers and the demands made from the public, design yourself or download one of our inlaid masks, all our masks can be adapted to the company's needs.

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Overview of registrations and controls.

It is always possible to find all the control reports again so that they can be displayed on the control visits, everything is in the system ready for control, you can have everything at your fingertips in your smartphone tablet and PC.

Long distance control.


It is possible to set up and deliver a control access only with read right so that long distance control can be performed.


To all companies

Our quality control can be designed and adapted to all industries and needs.

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Follow all processes

Follow all all processes in the company, quit and always deliver QA reports timely.

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Find and login in QA forms via QR codes

Do not spend time looking for and always choose the right schedule, all can be opened with QR code.

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Never overlook a critical situation.

When using the alarm notification in QA - registration, errors or irregularities are discovered and corrected before it is too late and the damage is done.

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Lap & desktop


It is always possible in a few seconds to get the full overview of all registrations and reports in your company. By way of example, publications can be mentioned for inspections, logs of registrations, and prints distributed by employee, orders, date etc. Everything easily readable, rather than handwritten.

Exit registration period

It is important that you can register a registration completed.

With Time@web quality control, users can register themselves when they have finished entering the checklist. In this way, it is easy to see which banknotes have been reported and which are not. When the records are finally closed, you can no longer add comments, but you can still find it in the system.

Set the system to your needs

With Time@web it is possible to set the system to fit exactly to your needs and the individual employee's needs, groups can be created and assign each group specific tasks and sent messages.

Minimize errors

With Time@web quality control, the risk of errors on the registrations is minimized.

All that is on the banknote is easy to read, and the chance of having lost records is eliminated, control visits take less time and require fewer resources, control people can get remote logging, and thus do not have to meet in the company at all to go through the records. Everything is governed by you!